CSUMB provides Wi-Fi service throughout the Main Campus. There are three Wi-Fi network options:


CSUMB. This is the secure Wi-FI network all CSUMB students, faculty and staff should use.

Select the CSUMB Wi-Fi network and login with your OtterID and password.

CSUMB Guest. This network provides visitors with quick and easy access to a Wi-Fi network for up to 48-hours at a time (guests can re-register after 48-hours).

Select the CSUMB Guest Wi-Fi network, open a web browser and you will be directed to the CSUMB Guest Wi-Fi registration page.

eduroam. eduroam provides network access for visitors from over 5,000 participating institutions.

If you are visiting an eduroam institution, you login with your otterid@csumb.edu (otte6789@csumb.edu) and OtterID password.

Detailed Wi-Fi service configuration instructions: