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AKA: Cisco VPN, Remote Access

PURPOSE: The purpose of VPN is to create an encrypted and secure "tunnel" between your non-CSUMB Internet connection (such as an ISP, most hotel and conference wireless systems and remote locations) and the CSUMB network and allow you to access resources like mapped drives and services normally restricted to campus computers.

Using Personal Equipment

Visit sslvpn.csumb.edu and sign in with your OtterID. Learn more about SSL VPN.

Using CSUMB Equipment

VPN services are only available to CSUMB staff and faculty and the VPN software can only be installed on CSUMB equipment.

In order to use the Cisco VPN, you need to submit a service ticket so we can install the VPN client on your computer. Currently this service is only available for Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows 7.

Once the software is installed, all you need to do is launch the Cisco VPN client (Start> Programs> Cisco Systems VPN Client> VPN Client on Windows or in Applications in Mac OS X). To connect to the VPN, make sure the CSUMB Staff VPN entry is highlighted and click the Connect button. You must already have network connectivity before using the VPN client.

VPN Status Box

When prompted, use your OtterID login and password.

VPN Client Login Box

Once you are connected, you will get the welcome screen.

VPN Welcome Screen

To disconnect, right-click on the "lock" icon in the system tray and select Disconnect. Once you are disconnected, the lock will look like this:


Double-clicking on the lock will open the VPN client and allow you to re-connect.

VPN usage tips/guidelines:

  • VPN cannot be used while connected to the main campus CSUMB network.
  • You must already have network connectivity before using the VPN client.
  • When you are done using VPN services, please disconnect.
  • The VPN can be used while connected to the East Campus cable modem network.
  • You will automatically disconnected after 30-minutes of inactivity.
  • When your machine is logged off or restarted, you need to re-establish your VPN connection.
  • The VPN is only to be used to get to campus restricted resources such as mapped drives.