DESCRIPTION: Video conference services are available Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (PST) in Media Learning Center, Room 124. Support for this service is not available on weekends, after 5:00 PM during the week and on university holidays.

Equipment includes:

  • Tandberg C20 Educator that is IP based and capable of IP based connections and also support inbound ISDN calls.
  • Windows XP PC with web browser, Microsoft Office with DVD playback that can be displayed through the video conference system.
  • Speakerphone

Important notes about video conferencing at CSUMB:

  • Video conferences must be arranged at least five business days in advance and are subject to the availability of the video conference room (18/124). Off-campus groups may require more time in advance for video conference setup.
  • Video conferences will not be recorded or archived.
  • To ensure a successful video conference, we highly recommend a test connection at least two days before the event.

Contacts for video conferencing at CSUMB:

  • Off-campus groups contact Conference and Events Services Department for pricing and scheduling information (831) 582-4111.
  • CSUMB staff and faculty should submit a Video Conferencing Service Request.