The IT Service desk

Telecommunications or Telecom is responsible for the campus Phone Switch or PBX, Voicemail system, Call Centers, and the phone in your office. 

Beyond this we can do a lot for you just with a Work Order

  • Have you wanted to have your own 6 party conference call line?
  • Have you wanted to be able to receive calls from people calling your office phone on your cellular phone?
  • Have you wanted to be able to answer a call on your office phone and walk away with the call on your cellphone?
  • We can do all of this and more!  

Services we can provide or assist you with:

Who we are

Telecommunications lead:

  • Vacant

Telecommunications staff:

  • Rod Spencer
We work on regular basis with Technology Support Services in the IT@CSUMB.EDU organization and coordinate the single 582-HELP help line phone number for all the services above.