Instructions for Using TDD Phones

Placing a Call

Instructions: Screen Will Look Like this
Type Telephone Number DIAL>5551234
Press Enter DIALING....555-1234
Wait for an Answer HELLO JOHN HERE GA
Begin your conversation. Press GA to send what you just wrote HI THIS IS JANE. HOW IS THE NEW PUPPY GA
Press ON/OFF to end the conversation

Answering a Call

Instructions Screen will look like this:
The ringer flashes to let you know you have a call ...LINE IS RINGING
Type your greeting. HELLO JANE IS HERE GA
Press ON/OFF to end the conversation

Using Auto Answer & Turning On Auto Answer

Instructions: Screen will look like this:
Press Auto Answer AA ON 0 NEW MESSAGES
Leave the Suppressant Pro80 turned on
Press ESC at anytime to turn off Auto Answer

End of Conversation

  • To hang up without turning off the SuperPrint Pro80, hold down the CTRL key and press ESC button.
  • Of Press ON/OFF to end conversation and turn on/off SuperPrint Pro80.