The following list should answer your questions to help you become better connected and ready to go on your first day of class.

  1. Otter ID and Password - still can't get in? Contact 582-HELP (x4357)
  2. Dorms and Residence Halls:
    •  Phones - courtesy phones, setting up personal phones and getting help.
    • Technology - get help installing your network, wireless internet, game console and local printer installation.
  3. East Campus Housing :
  4. Essential Student Sites:
  5. Campus Service Center - The Campus Service Center ("The CSC") provides forms, information, and front counter support for:
  6. Google Apps 101:
  7. Internet & Wireless - Internet is free and fast! On Main campus, wireless is inside and outside!
  8. CSUMB Plus - service provides ensures your data is transmitted across a secure, encrypted connection. This ensures that your data will not be compromised as it is transmitted wirelessly through the air from your computer to the network.
  9. Computer Labs & Printing - This link contains a map that will direct you to avaliable computer labs and printing centers for students, faculty and staff during the semester. 
  10. Get Help - (service desk, phone support, work orders, forums)
  11. Video Tutorials - how to's, equipment, account set up
  12. Personal Computer Recommendations - Basic computer recommendations for students
  13. Virus Protection - PC & Mac
  14. Laundry Alert- Know what laundry machines are open or in use anytime of the day. Visit the link and follow the steps!
  15. Student Technology Discounts:
  16. Please review the Acceptable Use Policy for using the campus network.