The IT Service desk

The following list should answer your questions to help you become better connected and ready to go on your first day of class.

  1. Otter ID and Password - still can't get in? Contact 582-HELP (x4357)
  2. Dorms and Residence Halls:
    •  Phones - courtesy phones, setting up personal phones and getting help.
    • Technology - get help installing your network, wireless internet, game console and local printer installation.
  3. East Campus Housing :
  4. Essential Student Sites:
  5. Campus Service Center - The Campus Service Center ("The CSC") provides forms, information, and front counter support for:
  6. Google Apps 101:
  7. Internet & Wireless - Internet is free and fast! On Main campus, wireless is inside and outside!
  8. CSUMB Plus - service provides ensures your data is transmitted across a secure, encrypted connection. This ensures that your data will not be compromised as it is transmitted wirelessly through the air from your computer to the network.
  9. Computer Labs & Printing - This link contains a map that will direct you to avaliable computer labs and printing centers for students, faculty and staff during the semester. 
  10. Get Help - (service desk, phone support, work orders, forums)
  11. Video Tutorials - how to's, equipment, account set up
  12. Personal Computer Recommendations - Basic computer recommendations for students
  13. Virus Protection - PC & Mac
  14. Laundry Alert- Know what laundry machines are open or in use anytime of the day. Visit the link and follow the steps!
  15. Student Technology Discounts:
  16. Please review the Acceptable Use Policy for using the campus network.