IT@CSUMB takes security very seriously, and as new threats appear we try to respond as prudently as possible so you can keep working and studying without having your personal information at risk. We have recently become aware of a new form of attack that is causing many institutions to change the way their websites work.

There are a number of websites on campus that are not operated or maintained by IT. For example, CSUMB Hosting has hundreds of websites used by ITCD students in the completion of their academic activities. However, these sites might not be the most secure and are therefore open to attack from the internet. While we have made sure that if a student or department’s website is hacked that it won’t affect the rest of campus, the attacker could use the fact that the URL of the website includes “csumb.edu” to steal passwords or do other malicious things to user’s accounts in official university websites and applications. Compromised websites can also use the name "csumb.edu" to launch phishing attacks by abusing the good name of csumb.edu. Here’s a more technical description of the problem.

Currently, the best solution is to create a different domain where websites or applications that are not maintained by IT can live. Any links to these services that contain “csumb.edu” will be redirected so that no links or URLs are broken. Users who have one of these sites do not need to do anything to their site before or after this change.

If users wish keep their site on a csumb.edu domain and enjoy the benefits of site security provided by IT, they will need to migrate their content to the Charlotte content management system. We will provide migration assistance and training for any users who wish to pursue this option. If you have any other questions please contact IT@CSUMB (582-4357) and we’ll have the appropriate support person contact you. We also hold bi-weekly Open Labs where users can get help migrating their site.

The following websites will have their web addresses changed on June 1 from csumb.edu to otterlabs.org. The subdomain of each of these sites (i.e. the “it” in “it.csumb.edu”) will remain the same:

Old URL New URL Department
archaeology.csumb.edu archaeology.otterlabs.org SBGS
ccows.csumb.edu ccows.otterlabs.org SEP
classes.csumb.edu classes.otterlabs.org IT
cordell.csumb.edu cordell.otterlabs.org SEP
earth.csumb.edu earth.otterlabs.org SEP
ecoviz.csumb.edu ecoviz.otterlabs.org SEP
etao.csumb.edu etao.otterlabs.org ITCD
gpsbasestation.csumb.edu gpsbasestation.otterlabs.org SEP
hhspp2.csumb.edu hhspp2.otterlabs.org HHSPP
hosting.csumb.edu hosting.otterlabs.org ITCD
hydro.csumb.edu hydro.otterlabs.org SEP
itcdland.csumb.edu itcdland.otterlabs.org ITCD
mathonline.csumb.edu mathonline.otterlabs.org SEP/MATH
mlc104.csumb.edu mlc104.otterlabs.org ITCD
itcd4.csumb.edu itcd4.otterlabs.org ITCD
itcd5.csumb.edu itcd5.otterlabs.org ITCD
science.csumb.edu science.otterlabs.org SEP
sep.csumb.edu sep.otterlabs.org SEP
ynp.csumb.edu ynp.otterlabs.org SEP