On December 17th, CampusTelevideo and IT will be making a few modifications to the cable TV line-up that serves both Main Campus and East Campus. These channels will replace other SD channels that are not available to CSUMB in HD.

During this maintenance, these channels will be on and off until the maintenance is complete.

We will also be removing two channels that have been off the air for some time. Because of this, users may want to have their TV's rescan for channels to take these out of the programming. This is not a necessary process, nor will it need to be done to receive the new channels as they will be replacing existing programing. Please refer to your TV's instruction manual for information on how to rescan your individual TV as each manufacturer does it a little bit differently. 

Channel Current Channel New Channel
27 AMP-Access Monterey Peninsula TAT TV HD
35 Tennis Channel  Game Show Network
59 Reelz channel AUDIENCE CH. HD
77 Chiller TBN
99 TBN Comcast Sports Net-Bay Area HD
100 The 101 Science Channel HD
101 TV ONE Comcast Sports Net Cal HD