Students in a computer lab

As you've heard from Strategic Communications in University Advancement, Web Services in IT will upgrade CSUMB.EDU with a move to Charlotte 2.0 in April.

We will leverage the same technology we are using for MyCSUMB and Catalog, called Drupal. This will enable us to not only retain most of the features we require in a content management system (e.g. editor, workflow, documents, images) but add many features we miss in Charlotte now or would like to have, including:

  • History (i.e. revisions, like in Word)
  • Web statistics per page
  • Specific page types, like news articles, blogs, file cabinets (documents), videos and social media 
  • A newswire of news articles from across CSUMB.EDU, with feeds you can subscribe to and make available on your site
  • Integration with other web application systems, like CMS, A to Z, Resource25, etc.
  • Accessible pages, as required by the CSU Chancellor's Office and their Accessible Technology Initiative.

From the recent Catalog move in February, we've also learned how to migrate content, users and workflow seamlessly. 

We will move sites (e.g. on a one-by-one basis, taking the time to meet with you, review your workflow, migrate your content, let you review it on the new system, and then finally when you are ready, move your existing web address to point to the new Charlotte.

All your old links? We'll redirect them as part of migration to the new pages!

We are also going to take this opportunity as well to insure you have a baseline of knowledge of how a content management system works and how to maintain an accessible web site, again per the CSU Chancellor's Office and their Accessible Technology Initiative. To that end, we will offer a one-hour self-paced training to all users of Charlotte prior to creating their accounts on the new system.

Other training opportunities will abound, from the bi-weekly Technology Open Labs to specific meetings with departments.

If you have specific questions, please post them as topics in the Charlotte group on MyCSUMB.