Department year-end equipment purchases are arriving daily and will be deployed in the order they were received. Exceptions are made when equipment was ordered for time-sensitive projects, new employees or when existing equipment has failed or needs immediate repair.

The number of year-end orders was substantial and IT has published a list of all complete orders that have been received and bar coded to better let you know when to expect your new equipment. Delivery and setup details will be handled through the associated service ticket. Items do not show up on the list until the whole order has arrived at CSUMB:

Year End Orders (disabled as of 2011)

To expedite the process, please fill out a Hardware Installation Request for every new computer ordered:

Hardware Installation Request

  • We cannot perform multiple "swaps" during the installation of new hardware. This means that the install is limited to replacing a single machine and we can't shuffle every computer in your department.
  • If the hardware installation is replacing something already in use, the existing hardware will be removed once the installation is completed. Old hardware cannot be left with the department.
  • If during the installation process (when the technician is on-site) you request additional software/services, you may be asked to submit a new service ticket and that work may be performed at a later date. Some software installs are very large and can take more than an hour to install (we usually do those through an automated install process or remotely). This is why it is critical that the Hardware Installation Request be accurate and thorough.
  • Our current service priority is getting the labs ready for students and we will work to complete the new computer installations as quickly as we can.