Over a year's worth of planning and work by the IT@CSUMB Network Services team will be finalized beginning at 10pm Tuesday, September 15. However, for the most part, you won't need to make any changes in how you use it - accessing the service will remain essentially the same. Network Services has re-engineered the internal workings of the wireless network in order to provide more reliable and quality access, especially in the ResHalls and North Quad Housing. Wireless access points (APs) have been regrouped and their signals "balanced" so as to minimize wireless signal interference between APs. In addition, the number of APs has been significantly increased in many of the ResHalls.

Prior to September 15, all CSUMB APs identified themselves with the service name of "CSUMB." After the upgrade, all CSUMB APs will provide two services - the usual "CSUMB" service plus the new, more secure "CSUMB Plus" service. When connected to the CSUMB wireless network using the "CSUMB Plus" service, all transmission are encrypted using the WPA2 industry standard.

Gain access to the network is essentially the same as before. Students, faculty, and staff continue to use their favorite browser (e.g., Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer) to authenticate with their OtterID and password. Limited Guest access will also continue to be available as it has in the past for those on campus who do not have an OtterID. The new authentication screen is shown below:

Wireless Login