Students, Staff & Faculty Warning on File Sharing: RIAA
CSUMB, under direction of the Chancellor's office complies with the Recording Industry Association of America's (RIAA's) effort to subpoena information about individuals who are believed to have engaged in unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing of copyrighted music and other works. The RIAA subpoenas are the first step toward filing lawsuits against students, faculty and staff and community members using OtterNET who violate the copyright laws. would like to remind students, staff and faculty that the unauthorized recording and sharing of peer-to-peer file copyrighted works, including music, pictures, and movies, is a violation of campus computer use policy. This practice is also illegal and may carry significant monetary and/or criminal sanctions and fines.  It is the responsibility of each individual user of OtterNET to be familiar with this policy and to make certain that they are not distributing copyrighted works, or that the sharer has the permission of the copyright holder.
The majority of violations are occurring in East Campus Housing and in dorms. It is your responsibility to make sure that all individuals using your internet connection or computer are familiar with this policy. Please do not share copyrighted works, and take precautions if you use a wireless router that you router is protected from unauthorized users.
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RIAA Website

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(Article originally published 02.11.2004)