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The internet is full of scams trying to get your information. Be wary of any emails requesting personal information such as social security numbers, bank account numbers, userid/password combinations, or other personal information- especially if you have not initiated contact with the requestor. Emails of this type are called phishing scams. 

Sometimes these email are easy to spot because they contain misspellings, poor grammar and hyperlinks that are obviously not what they claim to be. They may also have obviously bogus email addresses. Other times these phishing attempts are extremely sophisticated and contain graphics from the original company as well as possible email addresses (such as billing@csumb.edu or it@csumb.edu) and links that seem to be legitimate.  If you are ever questioning the validity of an email contact the sender by phone before sending. 

The CSUMB campus has recently been hit with several different phishing scams. Remember that no one at CSUMB will email you asking for your userid and password to any account.  Just follow this suggestion: When in doubt? Check it out (by calling).