Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 (CC) available at no cost to CSUMB Students, Staff and Faculty

A one-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) is available at no cost to a limited number of CSUMB students, staff and faculty for installation/use on personal computers.

Distribution of these licenses is on a first come, first served basis and will be available until all licenses have been distributed. 

To obtain Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) software, please follow these steps:

Dorm Wired Network Registration System Upgraded

The wired network registration service used in all Residence Hall/North Quad Suites has been replaced with a new service that is much faster and easier to use. The overall registration process is the same as before:

1) Plug your computer into the network
2) Launch a web browser and follow the prompts/instructions (details shown below)


This is the initial screen confirming you are connected to the CSUMB network. Click Continue to continue.

Current service priority is getting campus ready for new and returning students

As the new academic year approaches, we are making every effort to prepare the campus for Fall classes. Several projects are wrapping up and students and faculty will be returning to campus. In order to ensure that we can complete work on time we have prioritized our current workload:

Changes coming to CSUMB's WiFi network on Wednesday, June 25

On Wednesday, June 25, users will notice a few small changes to CSUMB's wireless network:

Internet Explorer vulnerability patch coming to CSUMB computers

On April 26, 2014, Microsoft posted a Security Advisory about a "zero day" vulnerability in Internet Explorer that could be used to remotely execute code on your computer.

On May, 2014, Microsoft released a Security Update for Internet Explorer to resolve this vulnerability. 

Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) available to CSUMB Students, Staff and Faculty

A one-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) is available at not cost to CSUMB students, staff and faculty. 

To obtain Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) software, please follow these steps:

1) Obtain an Adobe redemption code from the Monterey Bay Academic Software Center. It's important for you to save your redemption code because it will only be available in the Software Center for 31-days.

Microsoft software for CSUMB Staff and Faculty

For a small fee, the following Microsoft titles are available through a work-at-home license (WAH) program for all CSUMB Staff and Faculty (list subject to change):

MLC 156 moving to Windows hardware/software

Over the summer, the dual-boot Mac hardware in MLC 156 will be upgraded/replaced with new Windows hardware running Windows 7.  

No hardware changes will be made to the MLC 110 Mac lab.

Coffee + Lab Computer = Dead Lab Computer

Technology and liquids don't mix. We lost a computer in 53S-119 when someone set their coffee on the computer and then knocked it over, filling the inside of the computer with a coffee-cream mixture. This was an expensive mistake that not only ruined a good computer, but also left a computer lab one computer short until it was replaced. 

When using CSUMB computer labs, please do not set drinks or other liquids on or near the computer.

Lab Software Review (LSR) Deadline is April 13

Lab Software Review (LSR)

The Lab Software Review is a joint process sponsored by Technology Support Services in cooperation with the Faculty Senate Technology Committee and the Center for Academic Technologies (CAT). The purpose of the review is to establish software content for academic computing labs at CSUMB.

The Fall 2014 Review is a major update to software standards established in previous lab loadsets.

Lab Software Review Schedule: