New Cable TV Services Coming This Week
Cutover to the new service will begin at 12:01 am Friday, May 1

As published on the CSUMB web site a few weeks ago, the University Corporation at Monterey Bay (formerly the Foundation) has contracted with Campus TeleVideo to provide residents with significantly improved cable TV video services beginning May 1, 2009.  At no increase in cost, the Corporation is expanding the channel lineup from 75 channels to more than 125 channels, some of which will now be delivered in state-of-the-art, unscrambled (i.e., no set top box required), crystal-clear digital HDTV format.

Cutover to the new service will begin at 12:01 am Friday morning, May 1, and is expected to be complete within four hours.  During the cutover, all video and cable modem services will be unavailable.  Once the new service is operational you will need to “reprogram” your television to rescan all channels in order to see the newly added channels.  If you have a cable modem it should automatically reset itself.  However, if it does not you should unplug it from the power outlet, wait ten seconds, then plug it back in.

If you have a TiVo DVR or other device that relies on television programming schedules for automatically recording shows, the DVR must also be changed to reference the new channel lineup.  Please see for details.

If you currently subscribe to Premium Channels (e.g., HBO, Showtime) through the previous cable TV provider, Suddenlink, and want to continue this service, you will need to call the new provider, Campus TeleVideo, directly at (866) 440-2003 to reorder this service. Note that subscription to the additional Premium Channels is beyond what the Corporation is already providing to all residents and is entirely optional whether or not you choose to subscribe to it. If you choose the Premium Channel service, Campus TeleVideo will setup an individual account and invoice you directly for a one-time installation charge of $25, a monthly set top box rental fee of $7.99, plus the monthly cost of the service itself. You should also call Suddenlink at (877) 794-2724 to cancel their Premium Channel service to avoid additional charges.

Attached is the new cable TV channel lineup of the channels provided at no extra cost by the Corporation.  Note that stations listed with “HD” or “SD” in their name are “digital” channels. All other channels are “analog” channels.

Digital channels require a television set equipped with a digital tuner (called a QAM tuner). Most commercially available television sets sold recently are equipped with both analog and digital tuners.  Consequently, these television sets will be able to receive all programming (e.g., both analog and digital) listed in the channel lineup directly without the need of any special set top box equipment from the cable TV provider.  Older television sets have only an analog tuner and therefore cannot receive programming on digital channels.  However, many of the channels delivered in digital format are also available in analog.

Download the new cable lineup in Adobe Acrobat format.

For further information, please contact the University Corporation at:

Alliance Residential Company
601 Thomas Court
Marina, CA 93933?
Telephone: 831-883-3150?