Residence Halls and North Quad

*IMPORTANT NOTE* Do not connect Wireless Routers to the network in the Residence Halls or North Quad.

To connect to the network via Ethernet (wired), follow these three steps:

  • Connect to network
  • Open a web browser. You will be directed to a registration page.
  • Register

Once you have completed this process you will be prompted to reboot your computer

Operating System Support Levels

Game Console / DVR Support in Dorms

If you have a wired network device that is not a computer (Game Console, DVR etc..) that requires ethernet, you need to use this registration form to register the device. You will need the MAC address (network address) of the device.

No support of any kind is available for these devices and this type of service is not available for wireless devices.

In order to use these devices in Fredericks or Schoonover Park, you need to purchase and install a router, you can purchase a router at most local electronic stores or online.