AKA:  mydocs.csumb.edu, J:\ drive, Home FolderInsert a description of the image here.

Purpose: Each staff and faculty member has a folder on MyDocs (J:/) to keep files related to their work at CSUMB with a quota of 20GB.

Important files/data should be stored on MyDocs, not on your desktop, laptop computer or in email. You run the risk of losing important data and your data is less secure when you keep files on your computer. Files stored on your computer are not backed up and in the event of a computer malfunction, you could lose all of the data stored on your machine. 

There are no default folders in MyDocs, but you can create as many folders in MyDocs as you need and manage your files anyway you want. None of the folders your create or use are shared, so all of your data will be safe, secure and only available to you.

Services Offered: File Storage and SMB, Web Client

Quota: Staff and faculty are assigned 20GB of storage

Connect to MyDocs

On Campus


If you are a staff or faculty member, MyDocs should already be mapped upon login. If not, try logging out and back in.

Mac OS X

If you are a staff or faculty member, MyDocs should already be mapped upon login. Open the users drive and your MyDocs folder is inside. If the drive did not map at login, try the following:

  • Navigate back to the Finder window.
  • Pull down from Go in the menu and select Connect to Server.
  • Enter this in the Server Address field: smb://mydocs.csumb.edu/users
  • Click Connect.
  • Use your OtterID and password.
  • A new Finder window should pop up for you to use.

MyDocs tab in MyCSUMB.

Off Campus and via the web

Browser: You can now view, download, and upload docs in your MyDocs account via MyCSUMB. Just click the MyDocs folder from your dashboard. Note that MyDocs works best in modern browsers.

Users can also map their MyDocs drive using the SSLVPN service (use "Client Application Services") and then following these instructions:

Windows 7. Start by selecting COMPUTER under the Start menu (Windows button). At the top of the Computer window select Map Network Drive.
Pick drive letter J
For folder type in: \\mydocs.csumb.edu\users
Check Reconnect At Logon (if desired) and select Finish.

Mac OS X. Use the "On Campus" instructions shown above.

Mobile Devices (Apple iOS, Android)

You can connect to MyDocs with your mobile device using the same SSLVPN service mentioned above and view/download your files (you can't upload).