The IT Service desk

When a user logs into MyCSUMB, they can be shown a popup based on what is going on in their student record, enrollment in OtterALERTS, etc. However, sometimes popups are required to be sent in an ad-hoc bases to specific kinds of users. To request a popup be shown in MyCSUMB, follow these steps:

1. Craft your message

Popups in MyCSUMB are the most disruptive user interface element we have, and to be courteous to users who we just stopped from doing something like checking their email, the mesage should meet the following guidelines. If you have questions about word choice or writing style, check out the very helpful CSUMB style guide.

The message must contain need-to-know information.

Examples of need to know information include emergency notifications, changes to official academic policy, or something a user must take immediate action on.

The message must be brief.

You get 150 characters to get your point across. If you have more to say — and you probably do — include a link to a Campus News & Events post or webpage.

The message must be clear.

Avoid passive voice*, acronyms and jargon. Use the simplest language possible. Be direct. 

*If you use passive voice, we reserve the right to insert the phrase “by zombies” after your message.

2. Identify your audience

MyCSUMB can identify current students, faculty, and staff. However, special groups like students who have certain number of units, or faculty with a specific job code, are not identified. If you want to send a message to a specific population, you will need to provide those user's OtterIDs.

3. Complete a request for a popup

The more popups exist on a dashboard, the less likely they are going to be actually read, so we need at least two weeks notice in most cases to send a popup out to make sure they don't overlap. If the message is about something changing on a certain date the user does not need to prepare for, then the message should appear on that date.

To submit your request, use this simple form and we'll get back to you shortly.