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Skillsoft is an online eLearning system that is used by stateside staff and faculty for mandatory, recommended and optional skills development. The courses, books and videos can be taken from the comfort of your computer. They are only one click away, and all of them are FREE of charge! 

Mandatory and recommended training includes:

How To Take Skillport Training

Course are hosted by the CSU Chancellor’s office in the SkillPort LMS. The training can be accessed through your MyCSUMB dashboard by choosing the SkillPort Training link from the Faculty & Staff page in the Staff & Faculty Links section.

When you are assigned training:

  • You will get an email from SkillPort that will contain a link to your SkillPort dashboard.
  • Log into the SkillPort dashboard using your OtterID and password.
  • Access the courses from MY PLAN.
  • Once you have completed a course, you will receive a certificate of completion. Please print this certificate for your records- you may be asked to submit it as proof of training completion.