Web Services books

AKA: Event login, Guest access

PURPOSE: Facilitate the use of CSUMB IT services (labs, wireless, etc.) by sponsored guests/events.

If an individual or group needs to use specific CSUMB IT services, they will need to have a CSUMB sponsor (this is usually Conferences & Events) request a temporary account for them to use. The request should be made through the Service Request system and must be done at least 7-days in advance.

Event guest wireless notes:

  • If a group or individual needs wireless access at CSUMB so they access web pages (AKA port 80), they can self register with our Wireless Authentication system. You may also want to refer them to our Wireless Services page so they can properly configure their wireless card to work with the CSUMB wireless network.

Event guest lab computer notes:

  • Guest lab accounts will not be able to print to lab/library printers.
  • Guest lab accounts should only be used in the location indicated in #5 below.

Submitting the Service Request for guest access:

In order to process the request, please be sure to include the following in the problem detail section:

1. Sponsor Name (we will assume this is the person filling out the request)
2. Sponsor Department
3. Time period they need account (event start, finish)
4. Services will they be using (lab computer, projector, etc)
5. Location of where they will be using IT services
6. If request is for a group, indicate how many people are in the group
7. Event name (if applicable)

Event guest access notes:

  • Incomplete requests will not be processed.
  • We will provide the account login/password in the Notes Section of your Service Request.
  • A guest or event must have a CSUMB sponsor.
  • Accounts will expire on the day designated in #3 above. If you need an extension, please submit a Service Request before it expires.
  • In most cases groups will share accounts.
  • Guest accounts are only provided for lab login and wireless access (no guest email, calendar, web server, or other accounts are available).