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If a department is Corporation, grant-funded, self-funded or wanting to purchase specialty machines and has the funds and the need to buy new/replacement computers, please follow these four steps:

  1. Obtain an approved quote for standard desktop or laptop machine.
  2. Generate Purchase Requisition (PR) in CMS Finance with information from the quote.
  3. Fill out Computer Request form (one for each computer) to designate software and installation requirements.
  4. Obtain IT signature on the Purchase Requisition (PR) and submit to Purchasing Department so they can create and issue a Purchase Order.

Once the Purchase Order is created, it usually takes 4-6 weeks before your computer arrives and is ready for installation. 

iPad purchase info: You do not need a quote or approval to purchase an iPad. There are no Educational Discounts and you can purchase them online from Apple or visit the Apple Store at the Del Monte Shopping Center.

 1. Obtain an approved quote for standard desktop or laptop machine

You can obtain standard computer quotes here. The quotes are shared as a Google Doc, so you will need to be logged into CSUMB's Google Apps to see them. There are several configurations supported by IT; two standard platforms (Windows or Macintosh) and two configurations (laptop or desktop). These configurations are consistent with CSU hardware recommendations and the CSUMB standard operating environment.

2. Generate Purchase Requisition

The department will create a Purchase Requisition (PR) based on the quote they received in Step 1. Note: Be sure to include the CA Recycling Fee in the Purchase Requisition.

3. Fill out Computer Request form

A completed Computer Request form is required for all new/replacement hardware orders and must be completed before your purchase requisition/order is approved. A separate request is needed for each computer being ordered. Incomplete or inaccurate requests will delay your order.

4. Have the Purchase Requisition reviewed/signed by IT

Once you have completed the Purchase Requisition (PR) and filled out the computer request form, IT needs to review and approve the PR sign it before it goes to purchasing. IT will check it for accuracy and confirm there is a Computer Request form associated with each order. Direct the completed and signed PR to directed to Henry Simpson in the IT Services building. Once we complete our review, it will be signed and forwarded to Purchasing unless you request for it to be returned to your department.

5. Installation of New Department Computers

When the computer is inventoried by IT (after being received and tagged by Facilities), IT will use the information in the Computer Request Form to install necessary software and schedule installation with the client identified.