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On Campus
Windows 7

If you are staff or faculty member, CSUMB Information should already be mapped upon login. If not, try logging out and back in.

Login with your OtterID account.

If you are a student assistant that uses CSUMB Information, you need to map CSUMB Info manually. Start by selecting COMPUTER under the Start menu (Windows button). At the top of the Computer window select Map Network Drive.
Pick drive letter M
For folder type in: \\csumbinfo.csumb.edu\csumbinfo$

Check Reconnect At Logon and select Finish.

Mac OS X

Select Connect to Server... from the Go menu, enter
the Address: smb://csumbinfo.csumb.edu/csumbinfo$, click Connect.

Enter CSUMB for your Workgroup/Domain and login with your OtterID account.

Off Campus via the web

Users can access CSUMBINFO from off campus via the web-based SSL VPN service. Select the CSUMBINFO option to download, upload and delete files and create/delete folders. You can also connect to CSUMBINFO with your mobile device and view/download your files (you can't upload on a mobile device).


Once your are in the CSUMBINFO section of the SSL VPN, you can see your existing folders and files.

Off Campus via VPN

Users can access CSUMBINFO by using the CSUMB VPN client software. Once you are connected to the VPN service, you manually map the CSUMBINFO drive as explained at the top of this page.