Students in a computer lab

PURPOSE: In order for the University to remain current in its ability to deliver instruction and conduct daily operations, certain technologies must be updated on a regular basis through a centrally managed replacement program. This program covers the baseline desktop or mobile computing assets.

Program Scope

The program was funded in FY 2014-2015 to support a single primary machine for:

  • General fund (State) full-time staff/faculty positions
  • Shared computers (used by part-time staff/faculty, service points, student assistants in general fund areas)

The program was also funded to support lab and classroom computer upgrades . Based on funding, we expect to replace approximately 250 computers.

Program Eligibility

The age/model of the current asset will determine initial eligibility for the current program. Based on funding, we don't expect to replace anything that is less than 5-years old. Eligibility will be reviewed during department visits and when a service ticket is submitted for an older, problematic computer

University Corporation, self-supported and grant funded positions are not eligible under this program. Replacement machines for these users must be processed through the normal procurement process.

NOTE: As the name implies, this is a replacement program; old computers are replaced with a new computer (one-to-one swap).

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