Logout Before You Leave

Protect yourself by logging out when you leave this computer. You could lose your data and your identity if you forget.

  • Windows: Logout by selecting Log Off from the Start Menu.
  • Mac OS X: Logout by selecting Logout from the Apple Menu.

Save to My Docs

You should save all of your work to My Docs or a removable drive. All documents stored on a lab computer, any software you install or any other changes you might make to this computer will be lost when you log out, a machine is restarted or during nightly maintenance:

  • Computers are protected by Deep Freeze, but temporary storage may be available on the computer.  The temporary storage area is cleaned during nightly maintenance.


Printing in this lab is regulated by quotas. When you print, it will reduce your available printing balance. Your starting balance is 150 prints per semester and you can check your printing balance here. If you are a faculty member and need to print materials for your class, you should use your department printer. More information on printing and how to add credit to your printing account is available here.

Getting Help

If you have account, software, hardware, or technology related questions or problems, please contact the IT Help Desk.

Acceptable Use Policy

The Acceptable Use Policy outlines the standards for acceptable use of University computing and Information Technology resources. Visit the CSUMB Policy website for more information.