PURPOSE: Basic cable television service is provided to residents, staff and faculty of CSUMB.

Cable TV services are provided by Campus Televideo (CTV). Their Customer Service Center can be reached at 1-866-440-2003 (Toll Free Phone Number). Please use this number to report any Cable TV related service issues. Our local CTV technician is Steve Steckler.

If you are experiencing a service related issue with your data/Internet connection only, please call the IT Help Desk at 831-582-HELP for assistance.

New Channel Lineup completed in October - Things to know...

  • After the upgrade customers will have to re-scan their TV's after the upgrade to pickup the new channels.

  • NOTE - Analog only televisions (generally CRT style TV's) will not be able to receive the new channels, and will require a converter box if they are to be used. Any TV with an ATSC tuner will be able to scan and view the channels. A converter box can be purchased at a local technology store.

  • Undesireable Content - Please note that any channels displaying adult or otherwise undesireable content must be blocked by the user through their TV's SmartChip, Content Ratings, or simply 'forgetting' the channel from your TV's lineup. Please refer to your TV's instructions on how to limit or remove a channel or undesirable content.

TIVO no longer supported on CSUMB's TV system.  

Regrettably, TIVO's no longer work due to limitations of the TIVO Service to read CTV's lineup data. Please see the PHILO DVR service below for an alternative to TVIO.

PHILO Streaming TV/DVR Service and HBO-GO Now Available

As part of the upgrade to our lineup, CSUMB now provides HBO-GO, as well as PHILO Live Streaming TV and "cloud" DVR Service for On-Campus Residents and East Campus Residents.  These services are only available to residents who already receive the Campus Televideo Cable TV Service.

*CSUMB Staff and Faculty who live in East Campus housing must Register their OtterID before they can use PHILO and HBO-GO. Registration validation and service activation typically takes 2-business days and the registration link is only available to CSUMB Staff and Faculty via their CSUMB Google Apps account.

**East Campus Residents without a Campus ID may use this service, but must first obtain a unique StreetID for using this service from the Alliance Housing Office. Please call the Leasing Office at 831-582-3150 to obtain your StreetID. The StreetID is intended for use in the residence only for watching PHILO or HBO-GO.  When logging into these sites, you will be asked for your Campus OtterID - use the StreetID instead.

PHILO Streaming TV/DVR and HBO-GO Access Guide


Res Halls


East Campus


East Campus

Staff / Faculty

East Campus


Off Campus


PHILO TV/DVR OtterID OtterID StreetID** / OtterID* StreetID** Not Available
HBO-GO OtterID OtterID StreetID** / OtterID* StreetID** OtterID* / StreetID**