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For CSUMB staff and faculty using university computers, use IE 8 or IE 9 only for web applications that require it, most notably Hyperion Workspace (Student Reporting) and CFS (Finance), and do not update the version of IE on your CSUMB staff & faculty computer.

We recommend you not use older versions of IE for general web browsing and after November 15th 2013, they will not work properly with Google Apps.

IT recommends you use the most current version of a "modern browser" for MyCSUMB, email, calendar, other campus services or for general web browsing. There are many to choose from, but IT recommends you use the most current version of any of the following:

Google Self-Service Installer Available for CSUMB-managed Windows Computers

If you are using a CSUMB-managed computer without Google Chrome, you can run the self-service install by following these steps:

  1. Go to All Programs (Start on XP)> LANDesk Management> Desktop Manager> Software Deployment Portal
  2. Select Google Chrome Web Browser and then click Deploy