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Adobe iconSeptember 18, 2014 Update: Additional student Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) licenses are now available.

Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) for Students, Staff and Faculty

A one-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) is available at no cost to a limited number of CSUMB students, staff and faculty for installation/use on personal computers.

Distribution of these licenses is on a first come, first served basis and will be available until all licenses have been distributed. 

To obtain Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) software, please follow these steps:

1) Obtain an Adobe redemption code from the Monterey Bay Academic Software Center. It's important for you to save your redemption code because it will only be available in the Software Center for 31-days.

2) Follow the redemption instructions provided in your order details:

  • Write down your redemption code (shown in the order details)
  • Visit Adobe’s site to redeem your subscription
  • Follow the onscreen instructions on Adobe’s site

It is not necessary for you to purchase the Extended Access Guarantee or for you to opt-in for Adobe auto renewal. You should not provide credit card information to anyone to obtain the software.